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Where is my mind?

For over a week now my knitting mojo has been MIA. MIA. MIA. MIA.

I think it evaporated once last month's siege of stress came to a close. I have been unable to count stitches for cast ons, for gussets, nor for anything knitting related, really. I have two projects still at the cast on stage after HOURS spent attending to them Friday afternoon and evening, and a small part of Saturday. I have never made this big a mess of casting on and frogging for as long as I can remember.

So what was the commotion about? Moebius's or Mobius's, take your pick of the spelling. I thought I would try the free Mobius pattern Cat Bordhi has on her website. Well, it turns out it's only free if you already own a copy of her very unique cast on instructions, known as mobius cast on MCO). Even with a printout of the directions from her Knitty Gritty episode on DYI, I grew very petulant towards Ms. Bordhi and her CO from hell the more I spent time on it.

With the hope of rectifying this pattern crisis, I hit two LYSes Saturday afternoon with the ultimate goal of getting a copy of Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting Around, which among many other great things, has a moebius pattern. I had no luck, and though most certainly disappointed, I found something to sooth:

I didn't stop to register the name of this Lorna's Laces colorway but these skeins are soft and sproingy and mine, mine, mine, all mine! Maybe another Digitessa sock?


Nell said…
EZ is definitely hard to come by. But I love that you found a way to soothe yourself! Hopefully work calms down a little more and you get your mojo back.
Shannon said…
I vote for another pair of the Digitessa socks. They are so wonderful, and your white pair took my breath away!
blog-blethers said…
Hope your knitting mojo and clarity return soon. It happens to us all at times, doesn't it? I spent hours trying to get 211 cast on at the weekend too!
That Lorna's Lace's color is lovely. It's so serene. As for your Moebius, I'm completely useless - the only Moebiuses I know anything about are the topological kind!
And of course I forget to include the most important part of the comment - if your LYS search doesn't work out, Knitting Around is available on Amazon and :)
Knitting Kris said…
Well, now that yarn should soothe most's so gorgeous!
Doesn't Wollmeise have a Moebius pattern? I think she will even recommend colors for you if you wish from her stash.....I'm not sure. If you're interested, you can check her website