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A yarn asserts itself; a persistent knitter emerges

I have had this beautiful Lorna's Laces yarn for forever and a day. The photo properties indicate I shot the yarn in September of last year, so I must concede this is barely a blip in the history of stash hibernation.

I had hoped the yarn would become Firestarters, but it had other plans, plans I am must admit, I am not yet privy to.

Last week I began a toe up sock on a pair of US0/2.00mm circs. I cast on 70 some odd stitches and found the fabric too tight. The colors began to pool diagonally, but since I frogged it, I can't say for sure if I would have found that to be a good thing or a bad thing.

I reduced the stitch count and began again on a pair of US1/2.50mm circs. The stitch definition was improved, no pooling was evident, but the stitches seemed a tad loose. I frogged this toe, too.

I'm hoping the 2.25mm US1's coming in the mail tomorrow will be just right. But really, I'm not sure if it is the yarn that is so persnickety, or me. I think all the fussing over needle size is me wanting to find just the right sock for this yarn. I think it has to be the most coveted colorway I have ever owned.

I'm definitely overthinking things again.


Nell said…
I'm excited to see what that yarn turns into. It's so pretty. But I do find LL to be a little finicky for me too.
Knitting Kris said…
I own that exact colorway in the sport weight version! I bought it last fall....I just couldn't seem to put it down when I was in the yarn store. They are typically not my colors (jewel-tone person that I am), but it was speaking to me. Yarn talks, right? No....really, well I have heard it talk to me! :)
I too am excited to see what you'll do with it. It's so pretty.
peaknits said…
I'm so relieved to hear I am not the only one. I felt like I was "researching" the right sock for my La Digitessa (other than the actualy pattern it came with...) The colorway is gorgeous! Good luck listening to it tell you want it wants to be.
Shannon said…
I love this colourway, and I am very eager to see what it becomes.

I had a heck of a time with LL last year, and I ended up on a 1.5 to avoid weird pooling. I hope you have better luck!
Overthinking isn't so bad, as long as you don't drive yourself mad (ugh sorry, did not mean to rhyme). You might be being a pit too persnickety, but then again, better be picky in the beginning than think about whether you like the needle size the entire time you knit the socks!

Good luck with the socks. Hopefully the yarn will guide you :)