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Clean Slate

Sunday found me wiping my knitting plate clean, so to speak. I accepted that the log cabin afghan, which had been thrown over for a chevron afghan, was no longer a project, and that the Malabrigo lime and blue scarf/cowl/wtf should be frogged and put away, also.

I then whipped out my swift and my ball winder and lost myself in making sock yarn cakes. When the cakes were done, I frogged my jewel rib sock and recaked the yarn. My knitting heart is elsewhere and I need a fresh start to take full enjoyment of it.

So where is my mind? Two places. I hit an LYS Sunday and picked up these two beauties:

I truly don't understand this direction my interest is taking, as I don't wear lace, and am not a lacy, ethereal, delicate type of gal. But my desire goeth there, so musteth I. I think my recent blogstalking of Cookie, over at Shut Up and Knit is making me a wannabe. Dogged Knit's Ashley's recently completed Shetland Triangle probably played a part, too.

But as I contemplate my first steps in this brave new world, I began a new project. I have once again succumbed to the call of La Digitessa.

Yes, it's the Lorna Laces Shepherd sock that I purchased a week and a half ago. I'm waxing happy that I had that bit of a scuffle with the Gold Hill colorway of this yarn a few weeks back and thus knew right away which size needles to use. The US1/2.25mm needles I purchased from Knit Picks are the perfect size.

Earlier this morning I made a ginormous purchase at Knit Picks, purchasing their options kits for the 24" and larger circular needles from their harmony wood line to replace all of the clover bamboo needles I own. I also picked up a 32" 2.25mm circular needle which I hope to use when I get around to the heel and gussets of the La Digitessa. The two circ (Cat Bordhi) technique was awkard at this stage of the pattern, leaving the finished product not so polished looking. I'm hoping the magic loop technique will improve my results.

Just thinking about knitting these socks, as I blog, makes me happy. My arm, though, feels quite the opposite. An hour or so into knitting last night and the tendinitis reasserted itself. I realzied I needed to pair this project with a less intense (and mindless) one. I think I may knit a pair of stockinette socks out of the following colorway:

This yarn actually makes me salivate. My mind literally thinks its food, not metaphorically, but literally. I am an odd duck.


peaknits said…
What a gorgeous beginning of the La Digitessa - it will be gorgeous! As will some simple stockinettes - always good to have a grab-n-go project:)
Knitting Kris said…
"A Gathering of Lace" is a great book, although I have never knit anything from there...yet. I too am not a feminine lace person, but maybe it's a right of passage thing?
BTW - La Digitessa looks lovely in that color!
Nell said…
I love La Digitessa! Great sock pattern. I'm so excited to see yours.

I think knitted lace is gorgeous. But I just can't seem to go there yet. It'll be cool to see which pattern snags you.
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