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The Mobius will not be televised...

For several weeks now our weekends have been beautiful. Perhaps a little windy, and maybe a little chilly, but sunny and bright and absolutely fabulous. And since it was March, sun really is the most important thing. And lots of it.

Then would come Monday and the sun and it's hopefulness would decamp. Has it been two weeks or three of this? I don't know, but it's getting on my nerves, and just acknowledging this contrary attitude puts fear in my heart. I am not one to mock fate. Nosiree, not me. But yet I do. And I do all in the name of blogging because once again I finished a project on Sunday, but have been unable to photograph it due to inclement weather.

Oh yes, Blueberry Moon is done but when I'll have the photograph proof is anyone's guess. What I do have for show and tell today is an example of extreme patience and lackluster indoor lighting.

I have cast on the mobius for a fifthmillion time. Yay me. When I cast on and knit the latest version, that blob in the top left hand corner, I thought I was knitting on US8 needles. Nope, US6 (!@#$%&$#%^!). I also thought my gauge would be 4sts/inch, and produce a 25 inch diameter mobius. What I knit was more in the ballpark of 20 inches. But I knit on in blissful ignorance until a knot in the yarn woke my sorry a$$ up.

And so I have cast on again, this time 110 stitches on US9s. And yes, I should have more to show for myself, but Hubby got lucky at Walmart early Sunday morning and was #9 in line for purchasing one of the nine Wiis they just received in stock. He also picked up a copy of Guitar Hero III. So, will I ever knit again? Unclear. Will I get five stars and a perfect score playing Cream's Sunshine of Your Love? Oh yes I will, even if it takes the rest of my natural born life.

Rock on people!


peaknits said…
Love wii, love Guitar Hero OMG. You will master that song, you will master that song....

The best part is I can knit during my husband's turn!:)
Shannon said…
Kudos to you for sticking with it. I feel your pain! I try not to cast on any new projects while at my knitting group because if I get at all distracted things go wrong...even with the simplest projects. I have a gift for cast on mayhem.

Oh and by the way...kiss your spare time goodbye. Wiis eat up spare time.
Knitting Kris said…
Oh, the swirling vortex of time that is sucked up by the Wii! :) But it's such fun!
Here's hoping that you can knit (take Peaknit's suggestion about knitting during hubby's turn), or even have the desire....."Sunshine of Your Love" would be a strong pull..........:)
Personally, I don't think they should make us work anymore if we have these two pursuits....knitting and wii-ing!
Nell said…
HAHAHA!!! Congrats on the Wii!! I like peaknit's idea of knitting during your husband's turn.
Nell said…
I would love a Wii. But I have enough time sucking hobbies already. But that boxing game is REALLY fun!

Sorry for the double comment!