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Monday Musings

The state of fashion has been on my mind with the finishing of Blueberry Moon. To be honest, I felt a little self-conscious posting that FO because I know it represents a style that is, well, a smidge past it's freshness date. And then there's all that stockinette! Lovely for it's creator to ogle over, but really? lacking in visual interest.

For this middle ager, fashion has been speeding by. Knitting Kris hit the nail on the head in the comments section. What the heck are all these people running around in baby doll sweaters and blouses and t-shirts? I always considered myself fashion forward until about five years ago. Then all heck broke loose. The clothing and shoes (especially shoes!) began to incorporate elements which were abhorred when I hit the tenderest age, the age when fashion was everything in life. It is near impossible to fight fashion aversions which have been a part of me for lo on 30 years. And like Lucille Ball at the chocolate factory, I can't seem to catch up.

The baby doll style must surely be on its way out because yesterday I bought not one, but two baby doll shirts. One has the loudest print ever. OMG, will I be able to wear it? It wont be warm enough for short sleeve shirts for another month or two, so I have some time to work up to it. There's still plenty of time left for wearing woolen goods in northeastern Massachusetts.

I was smote this weekend for my folly; the weather was mostly rainy and raw. We had a couple hours of sunshine Saturday afternoon, but the mobius was soaking and drying. I was left to rely on the illumination of grey skies indoors when she was finally ready for her closeup Sunday:

The twisting came out differently than I imagined. I'm not entirely happy with the mobius shape, but it will definitely keep my neck warm.

Artyarns Handpaint Stripes, colorway #104
A lofty, tightly plied worsted weight 100% merino wool
This yarn is fabulous to touch and great to knit. It holds stitch definition extremely well. It looks just as good on size US4s as it does on US9s.

I used 16" Knit Pick Harmony wood circulars sized US9 to cast on. After a row and a half, I switched to US8s to adjust the tension. After a few rows I transferred the work onto 24" clover bamboo US8s.

I fiddled with yarn overs until I found the perfect sized diamond lace motif size for the yarn. My limited stitch dictionaries on hand didn't have this particular pattern, but it is pretty simple, worked over 10 stitches. I cast on 110 stitches. The biggest impediment I faced was remembering what to do when three stitches are surrounded by YOs, and that is YO, sl2, k1, p2sso, YO. Hopefully if I forget again, I'll remember I noted it here.

And before I go, true blue proof my knitting mojo has returned:


Shannon said… is not at all what it used to be. I work in a high school, and I see some of the oddest trends. Not only are they totally foreign to me, they are mostly short lived. So it is almost impossible to keep up with the kids. It is always interesting though!
Knitting Kris said…
The baby dolls - yeah I ALMOST succumbed to them on Sunday while shopping, and then I remembered that whilst I have a relatively small stomach, hiding it under one of those might make it appear as though I have a larger one beacuse of the size of my backside and thighs....HA HA! :) And I loved your sweater - stockinette and all! :)
Nell said…
I'm with you- way out of fashion. And I used to be a buyer! HAHA! It's almost comical now. I'm SO not cut out for the fashion world. Too much change. I like style that lasts.