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My heart runneth over...

I'm venturing back to blogland and all those sweet comments have given me the tearies. Thanks for the sweet thoughts on my travails and my Digitessa.

I wish I had something to show for myself this weekend but my camera isn't cooperating. I'm not worried.


Here's a gratuitous Wii picture:

His and hers GHIII guitars for the Wii, differentiated only by our sticker preferences. Oh, and I sewed that pillow that they are leaning against. From scratch, with no pattern. (Eat your heart out Martha!) That's the only crafty angle I have here today. Or is it?

That rocker is a recent acquisition. This winter, my Aunt Nan gave me some of my grandmother's things. The rocker was one, as was this crocheted coverlet I have draped over a bench. (The bench I received after she died in 1999).

According to my Aunt, my grandmother began this project when her youngest, my father, left for college. I can't imagine the time it took to crochet all these squares.

I'm pretty sure it's mercerized cotton. My tendinitis is twitching, just thinking about it. That is a devotion I have yet to encounter in myself. It's wonderful to be the owner something so precious in familial associations as it is in its needle art associations.


Knitting Kris said…
Oh that coverlet is just beautiful! What a treasure! I'm sure that you will find the devotion within yourself. I wouldn't be surprised if it's not there already!
Patti said…
Love the crochet - but, would she have devoted so much time to it had she had a wii?

Hmm. Wii is eating into my crafting time somewhat!
peaknits said…
I so want to get a second Wii Guitar so my husband and I can both play - it's an illness. I have a similar crocheted blanket my mom made me when I was little - just tucked away for some - day:) Yours it gorgeous!
Nell said…
That crochet coverlet is gorgeous. What a wonderful heirloom to have!