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Slowing Down the Drama, Friday's Rant Edition. Yay.

This has not been my spring. I'm all discombobulated and every little snag and hiccup has the potential to bring me to tears. I think I need time off, but I'm downright miserly when it comes to taking vacation time. I squirrel it away and begrudge every hour used. So today I am using a day. I really need it to work magic.

This week's irritation began with the Knit Picks catalog coming in the mail a day or so after I made my big purchase, wherein I actually paid the hefty 2-day shipping charge. The catalog indicates they sell Zimmerman's Knitting Around (book & DVD!), but their website has no mention of it. That was one of the items I really wanted when I made this purchase.

Seeing it in the catalog immediately got me grudging. Having to order it either the free shipping way, that takes two weeks, OR by paying an additional $17, to be quickly satisfied, is about as enticing as an iced enema. Fooh!!! Then yesterday I receive my package and my heart sunk even lower. The two options set I ordered? Nickel, not wood. FUG! I just wanted to give up.

OMG is this the pettiest garbage to lose one's wit over? Could be, though I am just sharing the knitting related snafus. There are more, regular life craps to add, but I knew even as I stifled a silent sob over the needles that this is SO not important in the grand scheme of things.

I am healthy, my family is generally healthy, I am not starving, my home is not subject to foreclosure. The worst thing that's really happened is that all of our retirement account statements are coming in from the quarter showing drastic losses. I'm not foolish enough to be worried, my retirement is 25 or so years away, and I'll probably see a few more busts and booms before that date. In fact, I wish we had more liquid wealth to buy up all those tanking blue chip stocks. They wont be this cheap forever.

So what's my point? I know I shouldn't be haggled by these stupid activities of daily living, but it is easier said than done, isn't it? There is plenty in life to bring joy to one's heart, and throwing modesty out with the bad mood, rejoicing on the wonder that is my recently finished Digitessa gusset helps.

I will gladly be a broken record to reiterate that the pattern looks fabulous in this yarn. Plus, I'm much more confident knitting it and I think it shows.

Well, that's my two cents for the day. Let's carry on and keep our chins up.


peaknits said…
Somedays - don't you wonder why you get out of bed? But you're right - if that's the worst - somedays I can be so sensitive to things and get mad I think about how good life really is - because sometimes I want to be sad darnit:) Your La Digitessa is awesome - chin is up! Take care!
Nell said…
This is your space. You can complain about anything you like. While it's good that the major things are OK. The little things are the ones that can really send you over the edge.

Those gorgeous Digitessa's are the perfect revenge to Spring Blues.
Knitting Kris said…
I know how you feel. I find myself in this "mood" myself. It must have been the dang retirement statements, as I got mine too this week, and am in the same sinking stocks with you.
La Digitessa has never looked lovelier than in that color you are knitting! You should feel confident. I am SCARED of Yarnissima - her patterns look wicked difficult!
Shannon said…
Rant away sweetie! There is no right or wrong thing to get upset about. Sometimes the most mundane things can push me to the breaking point. But then other times I can walk calmly through traumatic events. Go figure. :)

I hope you have a great weekend, and your gusset is beautiful!