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Technology, smechnology; is it the weekend yet?

It remains a mystery why the USB port on my camera refuses to work. It's thrown my blogging off kilter. When I finally had access to my pictures at the same time I had time to blog, I lacked inspiration because everything I had to blog about felt so yesterday's newsy.

So what have I been thinking about? I'm excited to take more time off; I'm padding an extra day and a half onto a three day holiday weekend (Monday is Patriot's Day aka Boston Marathon day in Massachusetts.) and glad to be facing some bonafide spring weather. I was surprised to see these last week:

I always associate daffodils with the beginning of May, not the beginning of April. I know I'm no expert on nature, but I swear these are early. They came just a week after the crocuses. Maybe the crocuses are late?

I'm seriously trying to get inspired to blog about my knitting here. I use my blog to keep track. I lost the start date to my Herbed Carrot socks to the mists of time. Was it the same week I started the Digitessas? Here they are as of last Thursday, I think:

One minute I LURV this colorway and want to eat it, the next, I'm aghast that the colors are far too 70's, and what the heck am I thinking? The colorway is called Denver, and seriously when was the last time Denver was in our national consciousness? Back when John Denver was crooning about Rocky Mountain High, is when. See?!? The 1970's. They are back and they are haunting not only the clothes I'm buying, but my sock knitting, too.

I will say one thing I LURV this yarn from J.Knits. At first, I just loved that the company is local (on the opposite side of Essex County as me - I'm unreasonably, and quite inexplicably, proud to live in Essex County, considering I'm have only been a resident of said county for one and a half years). Once I started knitting I fell in love with the yarn itself. It is so silky and has a wonderful sheen, and I usually don't go for sheen. I'm excited to have helped Nell unload a vibrant, lettuce colored skein of it! Yum!

Oooh, I do have some good news. I received an email this morning from Knit Picks. My return has been shipped, and since I forked over the expedited shipping costs (again!) I hope to have my new options needles AND the Zimmerman Knitting Around book !and! cd by Saturday. I'm going to need the needles for my mysterious lace project pretty soon.

I had hoped to blog about my weekend misfortunes with this project, but it seems the interest fueling the retelling has been lost to time. I will note that I'm working with a new yarn, which is not laceweight, and for which most people would probably never consider for a lace project. It's a pebbly, DK weight yarn by Reynold's, Soft Sea Wool.

I can't wait to get the hang of this lace thing because then I'll have no reason to hold off stashing Malabrigo laceweight. Soon!


Knitting Kris said…
Oh, I like the Herbed Carrot socks - I think the colors are lovely, 70's or not! :)
I absolutely love that purple yarn. I think lace patterns can be made with different types of yarn, it depends on the pattern and such.
Malabrigo laceweight.....mmmm......YUM!
Nell said…
I'm so into purple lately! It'll be beautiful in a lacey project.
Shannon said…
Those carrot socks look yummy! You have such great taste in sock yarns.