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Thursday just isn't Friday, no matter how you play it pal

I didn't knit a stitch yesterday, and I failed to even blog about the loveliest lovely that came in the mail (at the speed of light!) straight outta Cal-i-for-Ni-A on Tuesday, an inchworm just in time for spring:

This is the skein I purchased from Nell's destash sale and it did not disappoint. Of course, all I see is a Digitessa in this yarn, but ya never know, I could surprise everyone, including myself, and branch out. Either way, thank you Nell!

What's really on my mind is why I am ignoring both the knitting and the blogging of my lace project. Is it the yarn texture? Is it my lack of interest in following an unfamiliar pattern? Both? But before a decision was made I had a meltdown over a work situation and it was during my pep talks in the car, occasionally catching glimpses of what a beautiful weather I was ignoring, that inspiration struck.

I should design a lace project using the twining vine leaf pattern that I love so very dearly. Yeah, and knit it in a luscious green malabrigo lace weight. Yeah. Me, design lace when I've barely begun to internalize the basic structural components of lace knitting. Sounds like a plan. Hahaha! Not?

Well, I've nixed the malabrigo, because lets face it, I'm not 100% ready to stash. More importantly I'm not ready to ruin the project by swatching in the yarn I intend to use. I'll probably lose interest and be stuck with a yarn I have learned to loath. This segue came fast and furious because the truth is, I already have a yarn, with enough yardage for a large shawl, which I am more than willing to learn to loath. It's also the perfect shade of green.

Being worsted weight might give me a leg up with the designing, too. Well, maybe, maybe not, but there's no need to fully accept this now, is there? No, there isn't, I agree.

So the consensus? I know I'm going to be miserable over this work situtation and I can do nothing about it, so I might as well transfer that nervous misery into designing. Because all things being equal the frustrations I feel in designing are the same as what I'm feeling about that situation, so why not do something constructive with my misery? If I get results even remotely similar to my stole, I will be one happy camper. So, its decided.


Nell said…
I'm glad you like the yarn! Can't wait to see what it becomes!
Knitting Kris said…
Oh, I think that lime green yarn should become la digitessa! Beautiful! I'm just beginning to comtemplate lace myself, and let me tell you, it's not for the faint hearted. Life-lines. That's all I'm saying.....
peaknits said…
Oh I love the yarn - I see some embossed leaves sock - or a yarn salad:). I love, love leaves - please design something with leaves:)