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Boldly Going...

I probably should have saved last week's post title for today. As of Saturday afternoon I became the proud owner of a third-hand wheel, a Louet s10.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. The hubster and I hit the road Friday afternoon, with dogs in tow. We headed north to my Dad's house in the Adirondacks to celebrate my Dad's 70th birthday. My brother had flown in from Pittsburgh and I think Dad was looking forward to having us both at the pancake breakfast being held directly across the street at the local heritage museum.

In the afternoon on Saturday, my dad's wife, Chris, brought out the wheel. She inherited it from an old family friend, and as she has another wheel she prefers, she was more than glad to part with this one when she saw learned how interested I was becoming in spinning.

Chris gave me a quick demonstration. I marveled at her spinning ease. As is to be expected, when she gave me the reins I fumbled terribly. I was unable to keep the wheel going clockwise. It was obvious it would be best to learn the rhythm of the wheel first before introducing the fiber. When I suggested using waste yarn rather than roving, Chris agreed. By this time, though, the heat was settling inside the old farmhouse and the desire to spin quickly faded. We both settled into a night of looking over her massive collection of knitting books and knitting.

We had originally planned to leave first thing Sunday morning. Later that night, as the hubster and I contemplated a sticky night sharing a full sized futon with our very needy dogs, in contrast to the king sized bed swathed in dry air-conditioned air waiting for us at home, a night ride home was quickly agreed to and set in motion.

Waking up at home on Sunday morning I quickly set myself up with some waste yarn and after an awkward start I began to understood how to work the treadle and felt confident enough to try actual roving.

After an hour or so I was pretty worn out by the process but proud that my bulky beginnings were making way for some sport weight singles.

The roving I'm using is romney, I believe. Perusing the spinning boards at Ravelry the week before Memorial day I lucked upon a post from raveller Lesleyluu (rav profile). She was looking to unload two pounds of romney roving for some sock yarn. Before one could say fiberlicious! I had posted I had yarn meeting her wants and it was a done deal!

I unloaded this beauty purchased at NHSW

for this 13 gallon treasure trove

Within a few minites of spinning again last night, I 'got it.' A few hours later I felt like the world was my oyster! I feel invincible, beautiful, masterful, brilliant, confident. I've never learned how to do anything as quickly and painlessly as this and I'm pretty darn full of myself.

I'm sure the equilibrium gods will set me straight soon enough but before they do let me get one last thing posted before I slink away for another silent week. My resolve loosened by some blogger startitis (it's always best to blame anyone but oneself, right?!?) I cast on a new project last Wednesday. And it is not socks.

I purchased the most velvety yarn at NHSW. It had to be knit. Needing to satisfying this and an urge toward lace, I killed two birds with one stone with this scarf pattern from Jojoland, also procured at NHSW.

I'm nearing 20 inches and it's still bliss....


Nell said…
Happy Birthday, Dad!!!

Nice new wheel. Glad you got it to work for you!
Shannon said…
Congrats on a lovely wheel. I hope you are ready for a whole new level of fiber obsession. :)
peaknits said…
omg, I am so jealous:) But I can live vicariously as you get your spinning feet wet! And that scarf, breathtaking!
Knitting Kris said…
Ok, I go away for a teensy week, and I'm blamed for your startitis! :) Hee hee - if that's what comes from startitis - bring it on! It's truly lovely!
The wheel - OMG - how exciting it THAT! I too will live vicariously through you. Can't wait to see what you do with it!
Happy Spinning!