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Hobby Guilt

Knitting has taken such a back seat to the spinning. I've got major hobby guilt. Once I put down the knitting and did some plying last night I was ennervated beyond all expectation. I'm am SOOOOOOOOO addicted to plying, even more than my recently acquired addiction to spinning. Knitting seems like so much yesterday's news. What is to become of me?

Last night I washed my first wheel-plied yarn. I haven't weighed or measured it yet, but I'm hoping it's at least 200 yards.

After following the (very poor) advice I found in several spinning books and online sources, I find my finished yarn to be very poorly plied the more I followed the directive to consider my yarn balanced only when it didn't kink.

It turns out the kinkier sections look much better after left to set for two days and then washed. The "balanced" yarn looks barely plied at all. Either way I am ecstatic over this seemingly inconsequential pile of yarn.

While this yarn soaked in its bath last night, I decided to try out the one ply plied into three/Navajo method on the bobbin leftovers. One bobbin's remants were pretty irregular, as this was essentially my first spun yarn. The second bobbin was much more consistent and its content hovered near a laceweight.

With my newfound conviction of "Viva la Kink" I think what I plied will look pretty darn good once they set and are washed. The waiting is hardest part of this process.


Nell said…
Hobby envy is not allowed! You can do whatever you want, whenever you want. That's the whole point, right?
Knitting Kris said…
Well, we all vacillate between things from time to time. And even if spinning wins out, I'm with Nell. You get to choose! No guilt in that. Somehow I think that you'll want to knit with your handspun though. I know I would! :)