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I'm a winner!

Most times life is just plain ordinary, wouldn't you agree? Then there's those one in a million days where you're a winner. Me, a winner, whodathunkit? Thanks to the generosity of Knitting Kris, I just came home from work to find a beautiful package in the mailbox. In .5 seconds it looked like this.

Impatience should have been my first name.

Once I had both hands to work with, this is what I found inside:

Beautiful superwash merino sock yarn by Fleece Artist, in the perfect colorway of Woodland, matching stitch markers, a pack of stylish notecards, and a sweet card addressed to my real self.

The yarn is fabulous, and the first I've even seen in person of Fleece Artist. I feel so happy schmappy, I'm awash in guilt. Kris's generosity is astounding to me. I only wish I had more mental energy to expound upon what a lovely package this is and what it means to me. Thanks again, Kris. Absolutely fabulous!!


peaknits said…
That package is pretty darned awesome! You are a winner:)
Knitting Kris said…
Glad you like it. I personally can't believe you got the package already! I mailed it on Saturday, in the am, so I am really shocked that it got there in one day! WOW!
Everyone should be a winner. It gives me pleasure to send people things! I'm glad you won! :)
Nell said…
I always tear into packages like that! Just means you're excited. Although, it does freak out my mail man!
Shannon said…
Kris really spoiled you with this win! What a great package. I am like a crazy, starved bear when I tear into packages. I am honestly surprised I haven't damaged anything inside of one yet.