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Sunday morning dreams...

My Sunday morning waking dream was the design of a sweater using the much neglected Cascade 220 Superwash that's nearing a year in my stash.

Ya know, cuz the best time to knit a sweater is the cusp of summer, right? :-/

This lovely yarn has been the subject of several design schemes, none of which came to fruition, including a sweater or two. The heathered tones scream out to become the vining twine leaf pattern I used in Project Stole. I'm thinking of just transposing the stole's motif right onto the front and back of a sweater, paired with a mini cabled rib for the neck, arm, and waistbands.

But before I even think of designing something as ambitious as that, I've got to find the end of the Sunshine and Shadow Shawl, which has, by nature of my pattern dyslexia morphed into a leaf and medallion triangle. Who knew that the patterns in a book called "Knitting Lace Triangles" were the size of large hankerchiefs and not adult-bodied-sized shawls.

Yes, that would be me.

Once I realized what a 98 rowed project would beget, I took matters into my own hands. Translation? I knit two of the three lace repeats over and over until I realized I wouldn't have enough yarn to complete the final, third pattern needed at the end of the project.

So what did I do? I worried on it and castigated myself and then worried some more. I then came to one conclusion and abandoned it. Rinse, repeat, rinse repeat. Cue a month and half and I finally stopped the cycle and hauled my butt out to the LYS where I purchased the yarn and by the luck of the gods, scored the last two skeins in the dye lot.

I should add, in my defense, finding the time for the 35 mile round trip was not a priority over the past month. So now that I have what I need to bring this baby home, what did I do last night?

Could be the start of my first cuff down sock in nine or so months, the lovely Embossed Leaf Sock (rav link).


Nell said…
Embossed leaf socks are FABULOUS!!! And that color is perfect. You're gonna LOVE that pattern.
Knitting Kris said…
Oh, I can SO commiserate. I have ordered yarn (do I need more) for a sweater to knit this summer too, and I joined a lace KAL, and I'm doing a log cabin blanket(worsted weight Noro) this summer? Might I mention that I might be doing a theatre production in the middle of all of this and a full time job, and then there's my family! YIKES! It seems as though startitis is pervading everything (except the family - no more additions to that)!
Shannon said…
I just started a wool blanket for my summer project. :) I live in Florida for gosh sakes.