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My knitting overfloweth...

My knitting mojo is on a rampage. I'm designing again. I'll never be yarnissima, but just doing something new, having my own meagre muse bloom, is something special to me.

As I have mentioned time and time again, I am drawn to the knitted leaf motif, and in my stash, I've been drawn to the palette of the recent Maple Creek Farm acquisition.

So I've put this leaf pattern

to work with this palette

and come up with a hat, fingerless mitt and scarf set. The hat and mitts are done, but I'm not yet finished tweaking the hat. Here are the mitts and scarf. (The beginnings of the hat are in the upper right hand picture of the scarf.)

The hat pattern would be peeerrrfect for a baby, as the pattern creates scalloping on the edge. It just needs a little work. (If only I had a baby to model it on!)

I almost have completed knitting each end of the scarf, which I've knit separately, as I plan to Kitchener them together. I haven't yet considered how I'm going to how to alter the stitch pattern, but my aim is to design the center seam as a mirror image. Sitting down and thinking this through is this week's goal.


Knitting Kris said…
That set is just gorgeous! The pattern you're designing looks absolutely wonderful in that yarn and colorway!
Such talent.....could you send some to PA?
I'm knitting a rather plain sweater, but I've printed out the Feb Lady Sweater pattern. I hate peer pressure.
Nell said…
Simply gorgeous!
Tracy at said…
These are beautiful! Wonderful, gentle colors and a lovely pattern, too.
Shannon said…
Oh wow, what a gorgeous set. I cannot wait for you to finish these up.