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A retraction and, then, some yarn

Although I prefer to lead with a photo, this retraction must come first. I was wrong about the Etsy vendor who sold me the shawl pin. I know I am one to jump to conclusions, as I am the least trustful person I have ever met, but I did try to withhold judgment until I had more than my misguided instincts to inform me. I did, but I was still wrong, wrong, wrong.

In my defense, my tongue was loosened by the fact that the USPS tracking number she gave on August 4th, which showed up as only being printed by the sender, did not actually "activate" until August 14th, three days after I sent an aggressive email. With the arrival of a second shawl pin on Monday, four days after the first pin arrived, it seems I could be wrong. The USPS probably did screw up.

In my grudging state I didn't recheck the Etsy shop to confirm my memory of the pin being sterling silver before posting that the ad said it was. Her ad actually states it is silver wire (whatever that is). I must have seen sterling silver listed on another pin or for another vendor and it stuck in my mind. I'm kinda stumped by this, though, because I have a distinct memory of wow, this is sterling for this price? But a look and a search for sterling silver on etsy does not bring up this vendor, nor any vendor's goods I looked at. The mind is a tricky organ, it probably filled in the blanks when I read "silver wire."

I feel really bad about my judgmental streak, but REALLY glad I was cognizant enough to keep the vendor's name to myself and not unduly libel her. But this means I can't really showcase the vendor alongside her lovely handiwork, which she totally deserves. Maybe when I finish my next shawl, I'll include her info in the post. That seems like a plan, as well as adding notes to the posts where I discuss my incorrect assumptions. For restitution, I will be sending the second pin back, even though she did say I could keep it.

Now onto the yarn...

knitpicks schooner
(I love the chiaroscuro in this picture!)

knitpicks coney island

This is the first Knitpicks yarn I've ever purchased. I've been drawn to the playful Felici self striping yarns from the moment they came out (last year was it?)

cascade heritage

I went on a bit of a yarn crawl the other day searching for the perfect yarn for a Shetland Triangle. I saw this yarn at the first, and then, at the last of the shops I visited.

It's a brand new yarn, Heritage Sock, from a major player in the business, Cascade. I wasn't too keen on it at first because I really wanted to find something handpainted, or at the least, something less traditional. But in the hours between dismissing it at the first shop, and walking out with it at the last shop, it's obvious my affinity grew.

cascade heritage

When I caked up a skein last night I knew I had made the right choice. It's a beautiful yarn and will make a beeyoootiful shawl!


Knitting Kris said…
Sterling Silver, and its advertisement, can be SOOOOOOO deceptive. I actually make jewelry with SS, and have made the mistake of purchasing wire under the thought that it was SS, when it was actually indeed just silver plated. UGH! I now own both types.
Lovely yarn - I can't wait to see what you knit with that gorgeous Cascade!
Nell said…
Well, I'm glad all that got cleared up! And that neither of you is out anything.

Cascade Heritage is so soft. It'll be a really nice shawl.