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Speaking of Yarnissima...

Last Friday, after failing, once again, to get my grubby little paws on some Wollmeise, I succumbed to the Peaknit method, I picked up the Fratello and Spina di Pesce sock kits at the Yarnissima shop.

Only five days later and my grubby little hands are clean as a whistle so as to manhandle these:

I've read about how awesome Yarnissima's packages are, but I still was in awe of the little goodies she included. She really goes out of her way with the sundries and makes you feel very special. However, being a veteran of Yarnissima's patterns, the pragmatic in me found the laminated mini charts to be the best, absolutely fabulous perk in the package. A very close second is this cutey pie, which is brightening up my dreary work cube:

Amidst all this yarny goodness I still have a couple of things to complain about. First, even though my knitting mojo is back, it seems taking a decent picture these days requires more energy than I can find the patience to muster. Second on my list of complaints is how can sock kits I ordered at 8:00 am on 8/13 from a foreign country (the Netherlands) get to my Massachusetts home faster than a shawl pin I ordered July 31 from an (never to be named!) etsy vendor in Nevada?

According to the vendor the package was lost, but her eagerness to replace the pin and let me keep the other one if that package ever showed up, makes me think otherwise. I've heard many a good thing about etsy on these here innernets, but I guess with my first etsy purchase all the luck was with someone else.

But seriously?!? Wollmeise! Who could possibly care?


peaknits said…
Isn't Yarnissima a goddess? Her packages feel like gifts - not paid for purchases! Thanks for the mention, I feel giddy to be an enabler! hee!
Knitting Kris said…
Those kits are fabulous! I just printed out the Firestarter pattern this am....COMTEMPLATING it. I just really can't master the provisional cast on yet. Must work on that.
Enjoy the kits!
Nell said…
Yarnissima has the coolest patterns! And it's so nice to receive a package that makes you feel special for purchasing it.

As for the etsy issue, hopefully you'll have better luck next time. And at least you aren't out anything!
Shannon said…
Oh I love those kits. I think I will be ordering the Fratello soon...I love the pattern and the color so much.

I am planning on starting the Spina socks soon...maybe we can do a mini knit a long? :)