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There were very few words....

How do you find the words for a beauty such as this?

When an avid sock knitter has failed all attempts to obtain the holy grail of yarn, she accepts her fate with as much grace as she can muster.

But when another knitter GIVES this knitter, a person she barely knows, a skein of said yarn, there are very few words.

Very few words at first, just tears. Tears in front of husbands known, and unknown. Tears staring at the ground. Tears of incomprehension and comprehension.

Tears of confusion, then embarrasment at all the tears. And then finally the sense of unworthiness of such a beautiful, percipient gift.

Who was the authoress of this generosity? One of my favorite bloggers,Knitting Kris. Kristin delivered this skein in person to my home late Sunday afternoon when she and her lovely family came to visit on their trip to Boston.

No, I did nothing really to deserve a gift of this magnitude. But I sense that Kris was thanking me for things I cannot see or touch or fully understand yet. And so I graciously accepted the gift, and more importantly, accept the honor of it.

Thank you Kristin.


peaknits said…
Wow - what a sweet thing - there really aren't words for things like this, this unexpected generosity - it's priceless!
Knitting Kris said…
Aw, was my pleasure! I think I got more joy out of seeing you open it! Truly! And when you had to show the hubster (I was very much impressed that he knew what type of yarn it was, and its rarity), well, let's just say it was a great moment for me as well!
Your kindness to my family will never be forgotten!
Now, knit something pretty with that yarn. I have no doubt that it is destined to be nothing less than something spectular!
Nell said…
Wow. That's really all I can say!