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Ugh a lug

Although I will have an FO of this lovely project in the upcoming week,

I've been hit with a bit of knitting ugh by this afternoon of the weekend.

Thursday afternoon my shawl pin came in from that dodgy (not to be named) etsy retailer I mentioned the other day. The pin is perfect. And though I do feel I got value for my money, a quick look at the pin shows that what I thought I purchased is not what I received.

The three ends of the metal in this piece indicate it is silver or nickel plated copper, the etsy shop description said it is sterling silver. I think it is my obligation to inform etsy about the false advertising, don't you think?

I wore the pin and shawl on Friday, though, and I felt like a million bucks. My professed loathing for knitting triangular shawls waned sharply all day. I now want to knit a million of them. I'm short and squat and when I wore the shawl I actually felt glamorous. You can't put a price on that kind of feeling, and at my age it's a rare experience.

By last night, the ugh returned. The sweet milk of last weekend's knitting mojo soured. The twining vine motif isn't working out on my sweater; it is way too narrow. I have to go back to the drawing board...

It is taking some effort not to frog this all and start either a Shetland or a Swallowtail or a Seraphim shawl with this awesome worsted weight yarn.

So, what did I do? During breaks between chores this morning I was foolish enough to pick up another yarn I've had difficulty utilizing. I've finally found a stitch count and gauge that pools the two colors. Now all I need is for the numerous stitchionaries covering the coffee table to speak sweet nothings to me.

Ugh a lug.


peaknits said…
Sorry to hear you had a less than ideal esty experience - that said, the pin is pretty:) I am thinking about casting on a Shetland, Ijust wound the yarn cake - maybe we can have a "shawl-along"!! hee hee!
Nell said…
I think you definitely need to let etsy know. But I would email the seller first. You don't want to blind side them. Maybe there's an explanation.
Knitting Kris said…
I feel so badly for you. Your first purchase from etsy, too! I have had wonderful purchases from etsy, so please don't think that everyone is deceitful. I do like the shawl pin, but would be upset about it not being SS. The SS market is horribly volatile right now, and prices are soaring.