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Don't cry for me Argentina...

It's been a pity party for one over at Chez Yarn this week. Last Friday night I came down with a whopper of a cold and I am still fighting it six days later.

My biggest complaint, once the sore throat faded on Tuesday, has been the lack of energy I have had in mastering the fabulous combo Christmas/birthday gift I received recently:


The older I get, the more sympathy I have for the people who couldn't program the second generation of VCR's in the 1980's. I've decided that the human brain's capacity to absorb unwanted information is inversely related to their age.

I reached my peak interest in technology in 2000. Since that date I have gone from being able to put a computer together to a wife who hands her husband any electronic device and asks him to "make it work." Faced with the idea of learning a whole new trade is daunting, but the source of much reward.


I did not expect the range of color I found in these skeins of Wollmeise which I received in the mail yesterday, but I am over the moon elated to finally have the tools to capture it.

Thank you hubby and sis!


Knitting Kris said…
Oh what a lovely and thoughtful gift! Lucky girl.
I'm not a photographer, but my hubby is, and he does wonderful photos. If only I could get him to photograph my knitting!
PS - lovely, lovely Wollmeise! Enjoy!
peaknits said…
What a great gift! And that Wollmeise - breathtaking! Happy Birthday!
Nell said…
Fantastic!!!!! That'll make you fel better in a hurry!