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Eye of the Beholder

When I take pictures of my knitting, and my yarn, I really take it seriously. I really love looking at pictures of knitted items and yarn. I love seeing the colors and textures and the overall object. The more detailed the picture, the more natural the lighting, the more joy I get in looking at it. Pictures of the tiny little stitches of socks represent my most favorite type of knitting p0rn.

I kinda feel weird about this fascination. Among knitters, I surmise, I may be in a minority, but probably not alone. Yet, it is not a topic I have ever seen discussed in the knitosphere. I'm sure, now that I am reflecting on it, there is a group on Ravelry for people like me. If I was more of a social creature, I would have flushed them out by now.

In the meanwhile, though, my latest attempt to capture my own piece of pictorial heaven was done in poor light yesterday afternoon.

Meaghan's Socks

These are a Christmas gift for my niece, Meaghan. Even though these are not my colors, I was still impelled to take picture after picture after picture trying to capture their essential beauty.

There is nothing spectacular about the pattern, or the colorway. They are a simple 2 x 2 ribbed sock, for a no frills tomboy. But my eyes are still drawn to these photos like a moth to a flame.

Meaghan's Socks

Cherry Tree Hill Sockittome
80% Merino, 20% Nylon
Purchased at the lovely Butterfly Yarns

Two Knit Picks Harmony wood 16" circulars, size US 1 1/2, 2.5mm

Basic cuff down sock in 2 x 2 rib. After 8 or so months knitting toe ups, I've definitely needed to change things up and go back to cuff down.

Began November 24, 2008, finished December 14, 2008.

Meaghan's Socks


peaknits said…
Sign me up for that "club" I love to admire pictures of knits and try desperately to capture that "right" pic! Your socks are gorgeous, I am sure Meaghan will love them!
Nell said…
I'm with you too! It's so frustrating to not to be able to get the pictures you want. But then you get a perfect picture and it's SO rewarding!