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Cocoa Lace Scarf

Color and texture inspire me. If only my photography skills could keep up. This lovely Cocoa Scarf has been a long time coming. But alas, it is because it has to be perfect; it is a gift for a long lost friend who tracked me down via a mutual friend on Facebook. (If you're stalking Claudia, go away! And I say that lovingly.)

Together we've chosen and abandoned several yarns and patterns. After ogling my flickr account for a half an hour or so she saw my Apple Lace Scarf and proclaimed it her heart's desire. Choosing the yarn was far more difficult, as most of her favorites had already become FO's.

Kim, of Butterfly Yarns in Wakefield, Massachusetts needs most of the credit in my final yarn choice:


As a rule, I am loath to accept help when shopping. I am an extremely picky and indecisive buyer. I can never explain what I want, but can guarantee I will say something rude because, as an aspy, I am not skilled in the fine art of no, among a fair many other social conventions. Yet, help me she did, again and again and again, until finally we settled on a yarn that was originally disregarded. And a lovely choice it is indeed.


Nell said…
What a deliciously warm and snuggly scarf!
Knitting Kris said…
What a lovely choice of yarn and pattern! I absolutely adore chocolate brown, but worry that patterns will get lost in the dark color. Not so with your choice. Lovely, simply lovely!
Kathy said…
What a wonderful colorchoice. Your image showed up great in the post.