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Things I learned While Not Blogging

I've learned a lot of things while not blogging.

1) I've been spelling won't wrong for 42 years. I really didn't know it was a contraction. How did I not know that?

2) I must accept that I am not a blogger. I am not a social creature and blogging is about sharing, which is a social behavior. As callous as this sounds, I do not want to open a dialogue with other knitters on a consistent basis. I don't want friends, I'd really rather be alone. With Ravelry I can weigh in when I want and then ignore when I want. There is no sense of obligation to be social, and this blog has become dead weight with obligation.

3) I don't really like knitting with lace weight yarn. My foray into needle arts began with crocheting lace. In college I would buy cheap mercerized cotton thread from the Coolidge Corner Woolworth's and try to make lace, and add lace onto whatever I could. I still have a bambooesque drink coaster that I added some Estonian lace work to.

And although I love fine lace, I don't want to wear it. It's far too dainty for my rough and tumble ways. I've been expanding my lace knitting with heavier yarn. Here is the last lace project I finished, the all-lace version of Ysolda's Ishbel.



The yarn is the Tulip colorway of Sundara's ASM (aran silky merino), a gorgeous single ply aran weight yarn that is so wonderful to work with, it is really yarn crack. No disrespect to the winning ways of Malabrigo, but their glorious worsted yarn is just a gateway drug compared to the ASM. Yum yum yummity yum.

And one skein of 200 yards made the perfect size neck shawlette.

4) I am not sure if I like knitting with Wollmeise. Blasphemy I know. More test knitting is needed.