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Comfort Knitting

I'm pretty sure I've found my knitting sweet spot: the Shetland Triangle. I finished my 6th last week:


I finished my 5th a week or so before that:

Eire Shetland
Eire Shetland

Knitting this pattern smooths out all of life's rough edges.

It kinda bothered me at little that I wanted to knit this pattern again and again. There was a seven month gap between my second and third shawl. Real knitters knit new patterns, real knitters try new, more challenging projects. I felt the capital K in my knitting persona slip to it's lower case cousin, like a kid eating their sandwich in a bathroom stall after a month sitting at the cool kid's table.

Once I realized what I was allowing to happen, I wised up. It felt good facing up to my knitting superego and asking her to kindly shut her high falutin' trap.

1. Febrillious, 2. Eire Shetland, 3. Spruce Baby Llama Shetland, 4. Another Shetland, 5. Pink Granite Shetland Triangle, 6. Shetland Triangle

Viva la Shetland Triangle!