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Comme Ci, Comme Ça

June Seasons Shipment

Not my best week, but not my worst either. I had a day off for Veteran's day on Wednesday and my mood didn't cooperate at all. The glory of a day off in the middle of the week escaped my grubby, chubby grasp, like a child digging for sand crabs.

I woke up discombobulated. I promptly became irritated, always being best at making things worse.

Ever since my seventh grade science and home room teacher, Mr. Longo, tried to teach us relaxation techniques in class, I have successfully failed at all types of meditation at least two handfuls of times. I just don't have a happy place and I just don't have the ability to keep the focus needed to relax my body.

In the past year, after attempting and failing once again at finding that mythical happy "place," it dawned on me that I have a happy "thing." Sometimes on Saturday mornings, when I lay in bed luxuriating in the fact I don't have to get up and take a shower and vacuum and do all the other irritating work week activities of daily living, I am happiest when I'm thinking about designing knits, or the visually stimulating colors of my stash, or the soft touch of one of my completed projects.

So now when I get into a bad place, I think about my stash, particularly my recently acquired Sundara stash, and specifically this poorly captured skein:

Surfer's Wave

This yarn can scare away all save the most pernicious stress arousal. I really need to take a few more shots to better capture the colors, and do this glorious yarn the justice it deserves.

Getting back to my whine, here I am Wednesday morning, faced with a free day stretched before me like a wanderer's open road, I wallowed, and then I considered a little fiber therapy would do me good.

I got up, vacuumed the spare bedroom floor, took out my three cubes of Sundara stash, and did a little ogling and a little fondling.

I took out my camera too, thinking I'd take a picture. But "it" didn't work. I felt better, but still not aright. Bleh.

So I cleared out my knitting basket and decided a fresh start would be a better place to start. Clean basket, clear mind. And wouldn't you know it, it kinda worked. Last night I cast on my umpteenth Shetland Triangle in this effulgent colorway of Sundara's sport merino:

Cakes of Sundara

And once again, all seems right in the world.