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Fangirl, schmangirl...

I have become such a fangirl of Sundara, I'm kinda making myself sick rereading some of these posts. Could I plug her yarns even more?

The answer to that would be yes.

Surfer's Wave

(Surfer's Wave ASM reshot)

If I can't be a slavish fangirl in my own small crevice of cyberspace, then I ought to hang up my blogging shingle now. I'm back blogging with the sole purpose of being honest and open and true, to wax melodic or moronic, as my fancy strikes. So, yes, I love her colors, and her yarn bases. They inspire me to knit nicer things, to be a better photographer.

My husband and sister's family chipped in to buy me a nice camera last Christmas and I still don't know half of what it can do. Everything I've coaxed out of that baby was with the intention of taking better pictures of yarn.

I can't help musing that is pretty darn odd. Not that I didn't know I was odd.

Still, to learn something new about oneself at my age is a blessing. I've entered what I hope to be the longer second half of my life. Knowing I'll never have the blessing of children and grandchildren, nor the comfort of a god, the future can sometimes feel turbid. Having a passion, an ambition to nourish, generates some clarity.

Western Landscapes

(Western Landscapes ASM reshot)