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Another Lesson of the Day

LOL. What a whiner. I've been concerned that my last post was a little too bitter in tone. I wanna keep things light around here, and this morning I found the humor in it: Me. This is one of the reasons I identify with the wall flower Bella, everything is do or die with this character and here I was whining about how boring she is as if it were do or die.

Me: "Mirror Mirror on the Wall, who's the whiniest of them all?"

Mirror: "Well Dear Knitter, you don't have to be bitter, as it is you the whiniest Drama Llama queenie pie pie."

I've been contemplating other things besides Twilight. No, really.

Watching myself knit my recent FO, the Strange Fruit Clothilde, an interesting thought occurred to me. When I knit, in particular, knit lace, my hands are actually graceful. It's like hand ballet and it makes me feel lovely inside. Being short and squat, in body and digits, and congenitally poor at most hand crafts such as drawing, painting, and sewing, it's a revelation to actually watch my hands knit and think they look graceful and pretty and deft.

Finally I feel like a craftsman. And as such I know the beauty of my finished objects comes from the raw materials, i.e. yarn and pattern. My Strange Fruit Clothilde is one such:

Strange Fruit Clothilde

It's a great pattern. I used the charts and had not one problem. I'm glad I did a second repeat of the lace edging. The Dream in Color Smooshy yarn was a lovely yarn for the project. It's light and lofty and plays nicely with the architectural lines of the gull lace and stockinette.

Strange Fruit Clothilde

This is my favorite picture

Strange Fruit Clothilde

I knit four repeats of chart 2, the body chart, and repeat the second half of the edging chart. I used the K1, K1, K2tog bind off method, rather than referring to the pattern. I'm not sure what edging she actually does use.

Oh, and I love the cable cast on for the shawl. I may try to work that into other shawls.

Another thing, according to my scale, I only used about 300 yards of the light fingerweight Smooshy. Seems crazy so little yarn makes such a decent sized shawlette.