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2009, a knitter's year in review


1. 2009mosaic, 2. Strange Fruit Clothilde, 3. Cable Warshrags, 4. Indian Rib, 5. Dishcloth, 6. Midnight Moon Clothilde, 7. Flinstone Rib, 8. Febrillious, 9. Eire Shetland, 10. Pumpkin Waffle knitting, 11. Pumpkin Waffle knitting, 12. Sunday Ribalib, 13. Cranberry Forest, 14. Retro Rib Socks, 15. Cool Haas Luke, 16. EOS_2184b, 17. Spruce Baby Llama Shetland, 18. Cinnamon Toast Ishbel, 19. Jen's Gloves, 20. Limeade Warshrag, 21. Another Shetland, 22. Jellied Beans, 23. Leaf on the Wind, 24. Marina Waves Socks, 25. Woodland Embossed Leaves Socks, 26. Gold Hill Cable Rib Socks, 27. Shetland Triangle Hat, 28. Tweed Seed Rib Sweater, 29. Cocoa Lace Scarf, 30. Shetland Tweed Mitts, 31. Pink Granite Lace Hat, 32. Pink Granite Shetland Triangle

1 Baby Blanket
5 Dishcloths
1 pair of Gloves
4 Hats
2 pair of Mitts
1 Scarf
9 Shawls
7 pair of Socks
3 Sweaters

31 Projects, 33 Items, 17 (52%) were gifts. I've seriously pondered calculating the yardage, but laziness won out. For now.

Last year's summary and goals were as follows:

1) knit more socks for me - partial FAIL
Considering I barely knit for 1/4 of the year, my failure did render a "teachable moment" (phrase barf!).

2) harness my creativity and design patterns - partial FAIL
I did write one hat pattern, but I lost all interest in connecting to the world to disseminate it. I started a pattern at the request of Knitting Kris, but I'm allowing my difficulty with worded knitting instructions get the better of me.

3) Knit more sweaters - partial WIN
I did complete three sweaters, two large adult sized. I added interesting design elements to all. I just can't make myself enjoy knitting large projects and I think I realized why I haven't cast on more sweaters.

Last, but certainly not least:

4) Knit a shawl that takes the "Best in Show" ribbon at the Topsfield fair - FAIL
Didn't even attempt this, but the goal is still active on my (very open ended) to do list.

There's a lot of failure going on up in there, but I don't feel like a failure at all. I didn't do what I said I wanted to do on January 27, 2009, but yanno? so what. I did what I wanted to do on the days I wanted to do it. Or at least I tried. I truly enjoyed the knitting I finished and I gleefully frogged the knitting I didn't enjoy. That's one of the best lessons I learned in 2009.

Enjoy enjoy enjoy. Viva la yarn. And remember what blessings you have when you have the leisure and opportunity to buy and knit beautiful yarn. I'm a lucky mother fucker.