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And what's going on with you?

I am knitting. Not a lot, but some. I finished the laptop condom last week. It is nearly perfectly sized after two felting washes:

Snowcone pre-felting

I haven't decided on whether I'm going to add a button, or some other closure device.

And though I feel the nascent pull of spring cleaning my knitting WIPS, I was compelled to cast on the new Madtosh I purchased in the lighter of the two shades of Cove:

Long Beach Scarf

The colors remind me of my hometown, Long Beach, NY. I don't usually look back fondly on Long Beach, as the dense congestion of it's streets is a poison to my constitution. But these colors? Herein lay the colors of the wet sand, the multifaceted Atlantic Ocean, and the earthy hues of the life-supporting jetties.

I loved playing on the jetties. Alone. Jumping from one boulder to the next, challenging my agility while imbibing freedom with each gulp of the salty air. Or I could crawl along the beach floor and look at the myriad life forms that called the jetty home. Would I talk to the starfish and mollusks? Probably. If not out loud, surely in my mind.

I was always frustrated by the return of the summer season and the lifeguards whose job was to keep me off the jetties. The resentment at their restrictions comes back to me, almost full force, after 30 years distance. I must have been an obnoxiously entitled kid if this still has the power to irritate me.

But I did really love those jetties...

I still do love those jetties.