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Oh, April. Just a smidge betta than March.

April? Just a smidge betta than March? Okay, that's laying it on thickly even for my drama llama tendencies. I'm doin' pretty darn good, all things considered. And there are considerable things iterating.

I haven't been knitting much. Once I birthed the two ideas, my knitting became fun again, with the demanding task master hibernating. All I've knit upon is my latest lace paneled raglan in the darker Cove colorway of the Tosh DK.


I am in no rush to finish this sweater. This is a new feeling for me. Usually I'm so sick of the sweater at this point I'm doing marathon runs to get it off the needles. What's different this time? Well, it's my latest love, this Tosh DK, and this colorway.

Depending on the light the color gives off a sun bleached hue, like so:


In other light (and with the vagaries of my photo editing skills) it looks to be emanating a mossy glow:

Madtosh DK

No matter what color it actually is, I don't want to stop knitting with it. At all. And it comes in different bases. No, I don't need anymore yarn. No, I don't...merinos sock and cashmere merino sock...and more tosh DK. This is my pledge: I won't buy any this weekend. I won't.

Unless I finish the sweater...then maybe. Maybe. WTFBBQ. C'est la vie.