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ok. one more post and then I'm done with March

So it's March. Again.

March came with a lot of tension and some of that tension was from a miasmic bout of creativity that manifested as a fulsomely clogged consciousness. A constipation of the mind, if you will. How else can I describe this? It's like I am mentally paralyzed until I start doing whatever it is that I am inspired to do.

The second of the two new projects is really new to me. I'm designing a lace scarf using the ever so intriguing Day Flower lace panel.

With the laptop I find it really easy to jot down ever step I make just in case I want to finally, finally, finally, maybe, make a pattern for public consumption. Public consumption? Interfacing with the publick? Maybe.

The pattern needs definite tweaking but she is lovely:

lace design in progress