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The hills are alive with the sound of ...

Does fiber have a sound? No, but I swear it vibrates. that I ponder on this, it's me that vibrates, not the yarn. The yarn just sits there all stuck up and aloof and perfect and je ne sais quoi. I turn to mush and worship at its feet.

fsm from NH Sheep & Wool

I went to the NH Sheep & Wool fest on Saturday and I bought only three skeins of yarn and three buttons. I was good. Very good. And not in a deprivation kinda way at all. In fact, I have become such a narrowly oriented yarn stasher, there were very few things there that sang to me. (Oh yes, I went to Volterra this weekend, why do you ask?)

For yarn only one vendor stopped my breath, Mocha's Fiber Connection. She had a lovely two plied fingering silky merino, as well as some worsted or aran singles, in the same vein as Sundara's FSM and ASM. The pic above is the one purchase I made of the FSM in a colorway called Ashes of Roses. The yarn base on the tag says Kizzie's Toes/sock. This base of theirs isn't yet listed on Rav yet.

I caked it up within hours.

fsm from NH Sheep & Wool

I also found some buttons for my Tea Leaves Cardigan. They're animal bone and a little heavy, but absolutely simpatico.


Auf wiedersehen...