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Knitting? Hello, knitting, are you there? It's me Morticcia.

I think my subconscious is telling me to pick up some old Judy Blume books. That's the second time this spring my muse called forth a title punned from "Are you there God, it's me Margaret."


So I bought more yarn. Who'd a thunk? This most recent acquisition is filed under retail therapy. I was in need and it did the trick.

Five months ago I darkened my hair considerably.


When I was going more natural with the color, my clothes color range was as narrow as my palate: green to blue to beige to white. These colors have been my steady companion for at least 10 years. A couple of years ago I bought my first non-blue coat, and it's just been chaos at chez yarn. Absolute chaos. Now I'm wearing PINK. Me in pink.

But you know, I think pink goes great with my hair. So, I'm trying not to let ms. inner kool kat laugh in that snide, condescending way she has, making me feel 12 and inadequate, and clutching for the fortification of an all black wardrobe. I'm through with her, but she's still got some mojo left and since she's me, she won't give up until it is all spent.

So I've been starting to stash pink yarns to go with all the pink clothes I bought last month. I need to knit some scarf-y type shawlettes to ward off the onslaught of my work's A/C. I keep buying yarns but they turn out to be just barely not right for the patterns I want to knit or of too little yardage for the patterns I want to knit. My luck finally showed up when I hit Butterfly Yarns for retail therapy last Friday. I found some perfectly pink skeins of a lovely silk and cotton blend from Classic Elite Yarns. As I noted on my rav stash page the colorway should be called Molly Ringwald, as it is her pink, to a T.

I'm knitting a Saroyan and my knitting has been pretty imperfect but I'm not giving this failing any bandwidth. This month is my biggest stress time and I'm not interested in having my sole comfort (knitting) bite back.


In fact, it's been a great place to experiment with different ssks/k2togs. No one around me will see the differences, or mistakes, that are obvious to me, and I'm finding it very easy to not see them either. That's a nice relief.