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What I don't like...

I've recently (maybe April or May) realized that I don't seem to enjoy knitting stockinette with lace, which is different than knitting stockinette, then lace, which I really love. An example of a great stockinette and lace combo is the Ishbel pattern (Sundara FSM in caramel apple):

Cinnamon Toast Ishbel

What I find mind achingly dull to knit is a lace project that couples plain knitting with lace on each row. Current proof of this malaise inducing phenomena maybe found in my knitting basket, a Saroyan scarf:


I want one of these scarves; the pattern is absolutely lovely. My body just doesn't want to knit it. Why I don't really know. I first got an inkling into this inclination when I attempted to design a wide scarf using the day lily lace motif:


This project turned out to only be a swatch. Even though the day lily lace pattern is engaging, and this madelinetosh DK yarn in the violin colorway is deadly scrumptious, I just couldn't find the will to continue knitting the project. So I bound it off and eventually blocked it.

As ill feeling as I am about immodesty, I have to be honest, the swatch is gorgeous. I ADORE the sloping edge I designed (by accident). The swatch is gorgeous to look at, gorgeous to touch. Me the hater of all that is clutter have this laying out in the living room, ends unwoven, just laying about, basking in its own glory. And yet I know I have absolutely no interest in knitting it.

So that's that. I've gotta accept the things I cannot change.