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Monday Mornin' Quarterbackin'

Thoughts for the day...

1) I've only knit one gift this calender year, a ribbed hat for my niece Meaghan.

2) Be careful what you wish for.

I wished for a day doing nothing on the couch yesterday and that's what I received. I couldn't get out of my own way; I was molasstic inertia. The list of what I didn't do with all those voluptuous hours of freedom is long and sad and whah whah whah all the way home.

Beach Glass sundara sock

It really pisses me off when the precious hours and days of my life are squandered. What some people wouldn't give for the leisure and bounty of my small life and I don't take advantage of it. I am unable to take advantage of it.

What causes this paralysis? What makes me inert? Is it guilt or trauma or stupidity? Maybe that's why I've always been unsympathetic to the travails of Hamlet. I don't like what I see, because I see it in me.

Cruising up the Nile FSM

No matter how bitter the above tone, I am not really miserable, just exasperated with myself; a cutaneous forlorn.

On the bright side it is rainy and in the 60's.