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Portrait of a Shawl

Portrait of a Shawl

So I'm back to comfort knitting.

This is only the second skein of my Malabrigo sock stash that I have caked, but the first skein to be knit. It's a Shetland Triangle.

My seventh.

Shetland Printemps

I've started an eighth.

I was sick all weekend and I took it like a sport Monday morning. It's frustrating to have a body so heavily influenced by my brain. If it's possible to have one's hormones give one a fever, than that is what I think happened to me. And then Sunday I experienced some enervating bowel distress. Sweet baby jesus, that was fun.

This morning I was thinking of Mary Baker Eddy. In simple terms, her development of the Church of Christ Scientist may be wholly attributable to her own experiences with somatoform disorder.