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Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio?


My thoughts come to me in song.

Why is that?

Lots of bibble babble (w)rankling around in my noggin'.

The irony of Keanu Reeves in the Matrix trilogy, starting from the first moment of the first movie, is that his character, Neo, has a preternatural love connection to mankind. Yet Keanu, the actor, has a notoriously blank visage. I guess that allows the viewer to project their own selves onto the screen. Is that genius or accident?

Watched The Runaways. Not sure if I like it yet - opinion still in the computational phase.

I lurv when I knit a hole in my cake:


I knit an Ishbel in eight days. Eight days. Booyah.

Hubby offhandedly commented on the fact that I have a lot of shawls, as if to say "umm, do you need more shawls?"

What I see that is different about me is that I like to do the same thing over and over again. Knit the same pattern, listen to the same soundtrack, rewatch a season of a TV show, reread/relisten to the Twilight series. My interests have seasons, not days or weeks.

Some even have years.

I think I'm realizing that is how I learn. I do not learn by taking lots of classes on lots of subjects. I learn by watching the same documentary over and over again. I need to hear concepts over and over again in order to think critically about them and all the ideas digesting them generates.

Once I get it, I get it.

First pic, Madtosh DK in the Burnished colorway. Second pic, Sundara fingering merino cashmere in a limited edition colorway.