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December 23rd

It's December 23rd and I know where my happiness is. I've got 178 days to the longest day of the year and the beginning of the heat. Yeehaw!

The sky was pretty gray this morning as I walked the dogs and cat. Yet it was awesome not wearing socks and needing only a light jacket. I look forward to this time of year when the days start to get longer and the ground freezes so that the animals don't track in muck.

Oh, here's to the simple pleasures in life: a little less muck.


Malabrigo Worsted in the Applewood Colorway

It won't be long until I'm despairing the lack of vibrancy and color in the outside world. Until then I will extol the freedoms that winter brings:

Remarkably less feelings of guilt while sitting indoors watching movies/knitting/playing video games. The 45 minutes it now takes to blow my hair out will be wasted 5%, rather than 95% of the time. Woolly socks and sweaters every day if I want!

Yeah! And Christmas. It's almost Christmas.


Malabrigo Rios in the Agua Colorway

I've had a pretty fantastic Christmas. December has always been a magical time. My birthday is in the middle of the month, always the week for finals testing when I was in school, and now that I'm a working lady, always when my quarterly numbers need to be in. Oh, and I have a nephew born two days after me.

I've taken 35 years of this on the chin. I have not begrudged it. I was blessed with a love of Christmas. This year I took stock of this blessing and I came to the conclusion that my birthday was the entire month, or at least the first 25 days of it and this made it even more special.

One Sunday we went out to dinner at a fancy schmancy restaurant. Another weekend hubby and I took our first (hopefully not last!) snowboarding lesson. In between we were able to spoil my nephew who, like me and the hubby, is coming to intimate terms with how us Decemberists don't really get the birthday that other kids (and adults!) do.

Hubby's birthday is next week. Much worse off than the middle of the monther's. Now that I'm just about all done being Christmas genie extraordinaire, it will be time to spoil him. Here's to hoping I do a smashing job.