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Talkin' Smack, Baby


Madelinetosh Vintage in the Fragrant Colorway

You know I've been dying to talk smack about Elizabeth Zimmerman. I have such a well of resentment towards the Zimmerman-industrial-knitting-sycophant-complex, it overfloweth. I need to drain it. But.


It's not ready. Not yet.

But I'm hoping to be. Some day. Either that or I'll get over my desire. And I'm kinda positive that either prospect will work for me.

What I'd rather talk about is the opposite end of the spectrum, a knit designer worth underwriting. I don't read her blog or follow her on ravelry or elsewhere, but I've been drawn to her patterns time and again and this week I finally got off my duff and purchased three. The designer is Susan Pandorf. That patterns I purchased are Evenstar, Rivendell, and Snowdrift.

Temperamentally, I am more like the matter-of-fact Zimmerman than the unicorn and rainbows Pandorf, but when it comes to getting you're money's worth, Pandorf's designs involve actual designing.


Manos del Uruguay Silky Merino

I have dealt with some guilt in the past for poaching the "designs" of working knitters. I have also dealt with some uncharitable feelings towards designers charging money for commonplace patterns. Case in point, I love the Shetland Triangle, but for a newbie it will cost you $8.95 for a pattern straight out of a stitchionary. It is not a very original design, it is a popular design. It is not a very difficult lace pattern and it is deliciously addictive pattern. So yes, it is worth $8.95 in that sense.

And knit designers aren't philanthropists, yadda yadda yadda. I know. I've read the rav drama. I've gotten perverse enjoyment out of it heheheh. But still a little voice inside of me thinks people who buy the pattern are getting ripped off. Hey, that's my gut feeling. I understand the contrary opinion, too.

And Pandorf isn't immune either, she's offering a pattern that looks structurally similar to the Shetland Triangle for $8.00. Ripoff.

For the same $8.00 you can get her pièce de résistance, the Evenstar. I've been eyeballing this pattern since the end of the mystery KAL. It's a lifetime achievement knit. It's the pattern that will deserve the Best in Show ribbon from my county fair, whether or not I actually win it.

Now I won't know if I'm up to it until I try it, but there is such a happiness in my heart knowing that this pattern is worth it.


my half-knitted Evenstar swatch

True to my punk rock spirit, I am going to go with a heavier weight yarn and think of the end product as an afghan. A round, lace, shawl has no use in my world. Now all I have to do is find the puuuurrrrfect yarn.

Life's tough, eh? Hahahah!