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Anarchy 2.a, an Epistemophiliac's POV

Definition of ANARCHY
a : absence of government
b : a state of lawlessness or political disorder due to the absence of governmental authority
c : a utopian society of individuals who enjoy complete freedom without government

a : absence or denial of any authority or established order
b : absence of order : disorder

Origin of ANARCHY
Medieval Latin anarchia, from Greek, from anarchos having no ruler, from an- + archos ruler — more at arch-
First Known Use: 1539

Related to ANARCHY
Synonyms: lawlessness, misrule

Chez Yarn Example:


I'd like to think my recent sock knitting represents a denial of established order, that it is my own choice that I have become a process knitter. Oh, yes, I am giddy with the knowledge that no more do myriad sock projects give me the heebie jeebies, leading to the restraint of one sock on the needles at any given time. I must needs acknowledge this didn't arise by conscious choice. My nature has evolved. Yes, I desired the change, but I am not foolish enough to think I'm in control of my brain. [Cue melancholy chuckle]

The project I am in most in love with right now?


I started these Wednesday night I think? The yarn is Malabrigo sock in Tiziano Red and Madelinetosh sock in Ivy.

What I am still struggling with is knitting stranded sock heels. Two weekends ago I knit and frogged the Fire on the Mountain heel a couple of times, including two unsatisfactory tries at a short row heel.

Last weekend I flat-swatched four short row techniques looking for the least clunky and holey. My instinct is telling me to abandon the idea of a short row heel and provisionally cast-on stitches to knit the heel like I knit my toes. Now I just have to get off my duff and do it.