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I haven't polished off a project in eons. I wrapped up an earflap hat design this weekend, but the project really isn't done. It doesn't fit me, much less it's intended recipient, my hubby, so I didn't weave in the ends or add tassel pulls to the ear flaps.


The pattern I devised uses poached motifs from a handful of sources, including a subverted bastardization of the aspen tree motif on the ear flaps. Heheheh.

There seems to be a disapprovingly waggy, disembodied finger following me around because of the aspen tree motif. It's accompanied by a husky voice informing me I am despicable for not knitting a traditional motif traditionally.

Bleh. It's me disapproving me. A story older than dirt.

Otherwise, I think I did a fine job designing the hat. The next time I hope to have mastered the shape, as well as the design. And speaking of mastering? I can't seem to stop thinking about my knitting ambitions. I have been trying out different, "proper," methods of knitting fair isle. And I have been thinking of joining the local guild and beginning the process of getting certified as a master knitter.

And in completely unrelated news, the brick and mortar WEBS/ store now carries Blue Moon Fiber Art yarns! Very cool.