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More on what I want out of photography, pinny porn, the universe and everything...

I think part of the problem with the terms "pinny" and "domestic" porn and the whole miasmic hoopla over that book I mentioned yesterday, "The Gentle Art of Domesticity," is that said hoopla falls easily into the diodic (a word I derive from diode) war on feminism.

De wimmin' ahza fightin' amongst themselves again.

I fall easily into the condescension of the women's war. I'm trying not to, as if whatever plan I devise to be respectful of every stage on the continuum of the female experience will be the answer to the perpetual infighting among women. (I'm nothing if not full of myself. LOL. Yeah, that's me.) Add in that I am a woman who doesn't maintain a friendship with a single female person not related to me by blood. Being a bundle of contradictions is fun. Heheheh.

So I took some pictures this morning. And I thought about pinny porn in another light than the feminist muck above. What I want out of my art is reality. As for the art of painting, I have always been drawn to traditional portraiture, landscapes, and still life subjects. In my photography, I also want the stylization to be "real-time, real-looking." So my pinny porn obsession starts there. It is a snapshot of reality. A pretty, bland, sanitary, and mostly decorous reality to offset life's perpetual grays.

Life is so full of the greys, life is hard. Maybe the condescension I seem to be bucking against in being a collector and purveyor of fine pinny porn, is moot. It's me letting superficial, societal judgements interfere with what I enjoy.

Hmm...well I think that's enough free association on pinny porn for the day. I'll come back to it another day and see if I made any sense. I've reached that critical point where I want to stop mulling about crap and start gorging on actual domestic photography. Yum.

This is my relief...

Pattern: A Fir to Remember, by me
Yarn: the last of that festival I love and talked about a few posts ago.



I hope this means I'm finally growing a pair. Which pisses me off as a statement, because it indicates that one is getting stronger by becoming more male. I want something that says that but is more along the line of "Fight like a Girl!" my new favorite saying.

P.S. Bitch! Today is my fourth bloggerversary (and the first one I've ever mentioned publicly.)