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Scrap + Yarn + Knitting, then an FO!

As a blogger I must come clean. There is really no scrap yarn knitting here. I am so sorry Google keeps bringing you here.

Years ago I installed google analytics on this blog so that I could monitor the traffic to see how many people stop by and from where they hail. One of the things the analystics details are the keyword searches that get people to your blog. Almost all of the searches that bring people here are a variation of scrap + yarn + knitting.

Oopsie! In these modest times I envision hardworking folk with not a lot of money trying to find ways to make their dollar stretch by knitting with yarn scraps and whoop! here they come to my blog full of expensive indie yarn pinny porn where I wax moronic about insipid things to which only women of privilege have the time and inclination.

And because I expect everyone to be a bitter 'ol bitch like myself, I believe I hear them grumbling about my undeserving good fortune and the unfairness of it all. Well, something like that.

One never forgets what it feels like to have one's nose pressed up to the window looking in on all the things you don't have, nor never will. Somehow my 'never' evolved into a unforetold prosperity. All of these feelings about the scrap yarn searchers comes from what seems to be a congenital prosperity guilt. And also guilt about the guilt, too. Seriously, how dare I wallow in guilt when I have so many blessings in my life?

Okay so with that crazy thought train out of the way, let's get to an FO, the first of what I hope will be many iterations of a simple pattern I have named "A Fir to Remember."

"A Fir to Remember" was borne out of repeated viewings of a Peicework magazine ad that featured what looked to be a garter knit edged scarf featuring the fir cone motif in a lovely peridot laceweight yarn. My love of the fir cone is evidenced by the many Shetland Triangles shawls I have knit. Only now, I have nearly outgrown my prior interest in the triangular shawl shape. So it seemed only natural to convert the motif to a new shape, the rectangular stole.

A Fir to Remember

It's such an easy peasy project. I think it boils down to the 1-2-3, 1-2-3 rhythm of the pattern; it's lively enough to keep you wanting to knit and simple enough not to need your full attention.

This particular project was gifted to a fellow crafter, my Aunt. She asked for a shawl and pointed toward some yarn she saw on this here blog and well, mix in a little bit (or a lot) of time and voila.

On the blocking wires, the shawl measured 25" wide by 67" long. I expect it contracted some once off, but I never found the time to remeasure.

A Fir to Remember

I totally forgot I bought the foam interlocking squares I picked up for larger projects like this, so this was blocked out to fit on a twin sized, spare bed.

The yarn is madelintosh's Pashmina, a wool/cashmere/silk blend, in the Norway Spruce colorway. My photo's don't capture the vibrancy of the color very well, although this last photo captures some of the color's ins and outs. Bleh, I'm a poor photographic scholar.

A Fir to Remember

And finally, the obligatory confession on how one day I am going to write a pattern and publish it here and on rav (for free). I've eaten these words so many times, but I can't help putting them back out there. I'm nearly halfway through with the second shawl (as seen in my prior post). I'm thinking of adding on knitted border, practice for the Evenstar shawl border I'll be knitting sometime this summer.

Well, I'm not giving up on me and my pattern publishing prognosticating. I'll do it. Someday. Someday. Just not today.