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Gettin' by...

So my sense of humor is MIA. I speak or write and try to be humorful but all that comes out is a blob of bile. The best I can do in times like this is to ride it out like a bout of bad weather.

What's helping at the moment is a voiceover in my head of Gandalf bellowing, "This Too Shall Pass." This must mean my sense of humor is returning. Right?

There is something good and new happening at Chez Yarn. I am knitting a sweater from a pattern. A real bonafide pattern. There's relief that I've actually started the knitting because the act of deciding on ONE single pattern among all the millions of gorgeous sweater patterns out there is a daunting friggin' task. I went through four or so years worth of Interweave Knits mags.

As much as I want to knit a winged cardigan, I decided the stash I have on hand would work best on a fairly traditional cardigan, the Ropes and Picot Cardigan from Interweave's Winter 2008 (rav link). This project stood out from the moment I saw the picture in the mag.


What SHE taught me is that sometimes I just wanna be told what to knit. I kinda tired of having to improvise everything. This is definitely one of the things my recent foray into stranded sock knitting has reinforced. Learning new things has it's place. That place is down the road and to the left at the moment.

I won't forget to wave when I drive by.