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All aglow with a new an old scheme!

I blog on impulse. And today's impulse is courtesy of my morning reverie, a near perfect recall of the words uttered by the world's most cinematically perfect Henry Crawford, actor Alessandro Nivolo (what a swoon worthy name! "Run mad as often as you choose, but do not faint!"):

The story is Jane Austen's Mansfield Park. The movie is the much maligned 1999 remake. The line comes at the perch of the movie's climax. Henry informs Sir Thomas Bertram, alongside the family assembled in the airy drawing room, he is "all aglow with a new scheme." He wants to move to the Mansfield Park neighborhood so that he may exert all his energies wooing the ostensible heroine of Jane's final novel, Miss Fanny Price.

It is just one of many deliciously delivered lines in the movie. To be fair to those ardent admirers of the textual Fanny Price, Patricia Roczema's screenplay does hack her up considerably. I find my ability to stomach the movie ebbs and flows based on the time elapsed since I've last read the book. Yet if one can ignore the Fanny mess, there is much to enjoy because most all the other characters are faithfully drawn from the fabulously acid pen of our dear, dear Jane.

So what is my scheme?

Long story long, I received a tragically horrible hairdo Friday. No amount of rational acknowledgement of my average, aging face and perennial lackluster physical form has ever mitigated an untoward well of vanity for my spare hair. So, no I don't have nice hair, yet I am as vainly obsessed with it as with anything but yarn.

So it's Friday. Enter the tragic hairdo. Me driving home throwing a real live temper tantrum in my car, yelling and screaming, damning my hairdresser to the raging bowels of hell. Crying myself hoarse. Saturday morning, hungover from the fugue, I go in search of the only thing that can soothe my cracked vanity: YARN!

As always I hope for a yarn that will inspire me. I receive more than I expect:

Malabrigo Arroyo in the Glitter colorway

It fits my current obsession for browns and fauns. I buy six skeins, I won't be running out of it any time soon. While I plug away on my "one" active project - another pair of waving lace socks, a first time knit with the artist formerly known as Sanguine Griffon's Bugga - I can swatch away with the Arroyo to my heart's content. A yarn to satisfy every new scheme springing forth from a restless mind.