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Something to say...

The question is do I really have something to say? The answer? Questionable. Is it worth saying? The answer? Questionable.

But there is yarn.

Madtosh DK in Badlands

But then there's always yarn, amirite? (We have a new kitty who actually likes hanging out with us humans. His name is Isaak. He loves yarn, too.)

I think the problem is I have too much to say. So my best bet when I'm overwhelmed is to break things down. So what's interesting about my knitting lately?

1) I found two new yarns I just love to death;
2) I've been extremely FO successful now that I've put down the law on having only one project on the needles at any given time; and
3) I've been struggling with making my knit design ideas flesh.

So the new yarns? OMG! I finally found a solid yarn that I want to knit. It's a fairly new regional yarn company called Quince & Co. The line I've knit with is their worsted line called Lark. Here's a prototype sock I designed:

colorways Carrie's Yellow, Twig, & Glacier

This sock knit up faster than you can say Carrie's Yellow.


Anyhoo, the yarn is labeled as American wool, and it's the first 100% non-merino wool I've knit in a long time that my hands have just fallen deeply in love with. It has the most cushy, sticky touch. Not a candy apple sticky, mind you. More like what a Spiderman sticky would be, if Spiderman was, like, real. It's dense and cushion-y and sticky. Oh yeah, I'm sure Quince is gonna run right out and hand me a fat contract to run their PR.

I just finished a Pup's Tent Hat with some more Lark. The recipient loves it:

colorway Peak's Ferry

Now I'm knitting fingerless mitts for a second colleague.