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Score! AKA Thank You Hubster!

My Knitpicks package came Tuesday. Our mailman left it on a heap of snow next to our mailbox. I was a little pissed off to see that some snow had adhered to the box and in melting had saturated the cardboard. I was ready to get real pissy, as I all I could think about were the precious books inside being ruined by the moisture.

I stuck it in the sink and pried it open and was relieved that everything inside was in perfect condition. Whew!

So, what do we have here?! Clara Parkes' Book of Yarn. I had seen this book and consigned it to the novelty category, as far as level of wanting it. However, as soon as found out it was written by Mrs. Knitter's Review, it was immediately converted to must-have status. I'm not a regular over at KR, by any stretch of the imagination, but whenever I wanted some info on a yarn or needles or something, I have found it a fabulous and more importantly, reliable, resource. I expect nothing less from this book.

Then there's Cat Bordhi's New Pathways for Sock Knitters. I've been dying to get this since coming across the two needle circular knitting tutorial on Youtube shown here:

I came across the video when I was having problems with my first Firestarter sock. I checked out videos for both the magic loop and the 2 circ techniques. Magic loop just doesn't jibe with my knitting style, but Cat Bordh's 2 circ technique was right up my alley. It hasn't supplanted my use of dpns entirely, but it's getting there little by little.

After plowing through her videos I hit her website and read up on New Pathways. I knew I wanted it but I'm really cheap when it comes to books. I usually only purchase knitting books when I'm binge spending and can pile them on with out feeling it. But it's not in my spending nature to go out and specifically buy knitting books, even must haves. So, when hubby gave me a small xmas budget and I saw Knit Picks had it $10 cheaper than anywhere else ($19.11, as opposed to $28.95), I was ecstatic.

I love the whole concept of this book, how she shows knitters new ways to look at sock structure, as opposed to books that are all about fabulous sock patterns. Don't get me wrong, both have their place, but right now in my knitting career I am far more attuned to learning about sock structure than I am in learning to knit up pretty vintage lace socks.

And to round out the package (and spend the maximum allowed under Hubby's guidelines) I picked up two pair of their new Harmony wood circulars, in sizes US1 and US2, as well as some lovely (overpriced!) stitch markers. As far as the needles I've only had a chance to use the US1s on La Digitessa. They're fabulous. They have much finer points that my KA bamboo circs, making work on La Digitessa almost a breeze.

Tell me why are these cutsey little stitch markers so expensive? There seems to be some cognitive dissonance going on with the pricing of these things. I purchased the cheapest they had, a pack of six for $12.00. Can someone tell me why these should cost $2 to $5 apeice? Am I just being a scrooge? Probably.

Thanks hubby!


peaknits said…
What a fabulous package from Knit picks - I think I have to go over and get Cat's book too and some harmony circ - they are so gorgeous. I agree, little stitch markers - a fortune - but if it helps, they are great looking!:)
Nell said…
Good hubby! Well done.

I'm interested in the book of yarn. Let me us all know what you think. I've heard it is a yarn encyclopedia. But I wonder if it is too technical for me.