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Extra Needle, Anyone?

A big thanks to all of you for giving me your support, and your perspectives, on my recent foolishness. It definitely helps relieve some of the weight of it, you know?

I thought I would have some lace to show this week, at least, but no. I'm still so absorbed with my Digitessa's. Do you think I have enough needles in use? Ha.

The most challenging part of the La Digitessa pattern begins right after knitting up the heel. I tried many different methods, using a variety of needles and the best tool I found, through it all, is patience.

I have been seriously contemplating knitting this pattern in all the colors of the rainbow, à la Tiennie Knits. The only thing that could veer me off this path was grooving over Shannon's Embossed Leaves Socks. I have the most perfect yarn for this pattern. If I don't get the pattern soon, it just might be another pair of Digitessas.


Nell said…
I highly recommend the Embossed Leaves. Great pattern and they seem to fly off my needles. Great work on your Digitessa's. Patience is always key.